A growing collection of my publications.


  1. Relative Performance of Lambert Solvers 1: 0-Revolution Methods
    G. E. Peterson, E. T. Campbell, J. Balbas, and 3 more authors
    Adv Astronaut Sci, 2010
    presented at 20th AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, San Diego, CA, February 14-17, 2010


  1. High Feature-to-Sample Ratio Neurocystercosis Data Set in Gene Expression Microarray Analysis
    Paulina Rodriguez, Karen Castano, and Claudia Rangel
    In SACNAS National Conference, 2011


  1. An Agile Verification and Validation Process for Generating Regulatory-Grade Evidence
    Paulina Rodriguez, Ahmad Dibaji, Bruce Murray, and 2 more authors
    In ASME V&V Symposium, 2018


  1. A Management Framework for Supporting Adaptive and Iterative VVUQ Efforts in Biomedical Modeling
    Paulina Rodriguez, Ahmad Dibaji, Bruce Murray, and 3 more authors
    In ASME V&V Symposium, 2019
  2. SimSight: Data Mining to Determine the Role of Computational Modeling and Simulation in Regulatory Decisions for Marketed Devices
    Mitchell Fanger, Paulina Rodriguez, Lope Talacaly, and 2 more authors


  1. Successes and Opportunities in Modeling & Simulation for FDA
    et al. Ahmed Kausar
    US FDA Website
  2. Comparing Open-Source and Commercial Software Solvers for Hagen-Poiseuille Flow
    Paulina Rodriguez, Anastasiia Sarmakeeva, and Lorena Barba
    In DOE CSGF Annual Program Review Poster Session, 2022
  3. Verification of Open-Source and Commercial Numerical Solvers for Hagen-Poiseuille Flow
    Anastasiia Sarmakeeva, Paulina Rodriguez, and Lorena Barba
    In The George Washington University Research Showcase Poster Day, 2022